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This class is taught by:

Erin Thomson

Erin stumbled upon her first yoga class over 15 years ago, quite by accident. She instantly fell in love with yoga and how it healed her body after a back injury, how it taught her to focus and live in the moment, and how it brought balance to her busy life.

Erin loved the practical applications of yoga in her daily life so much that she used it to help her husband with soccer conditioning to recover from and prevent injuries. She taught it in her dance classes to help her students warm up, stretch, and to strengthen their cores. She practiced yoga throughout all three of her pregnancies. After her first baby was born, she began teaching mom and baby yoga to other interested moms in her community, and soon incorporated a steady schedule of teaching yoga, Pilates, and dance to these moms. As a military wife and mother of three, Erin has taken yoga with her all across the country. 

Erin completed her yoga teacher training through Yoga Yoga in Austin and is now a 200hr-RYT.

Timbrel Moser

Timbrel found yoga at a time in her life when peace was her main goal. As a young mother of one (at the time), she went to her first class at the young age of 18 in a quiet and musky studio tucked in downtown Austin. This was the beginning of a love affair. Eventually, she pursued yoga training in early 2011 earning a 225 hour certification with Brooke Boon, author of Hatha Yoga Illustrated. Less than a year after receiving her certification, she flew through a windshield in a car accident, breaking her back. The doctor said that had her back not been so supple, flying through the air like a rag doll would have certainly killed her. Yoga, quite simply, saved her life that day. She taught in Hawaii before moving to the heart of Texas where she resumed her teaching career. She has since earned another 200 hour certification from Yoga Yoga. Overall, she has accumulated 425 hours of training. She tends toward gentle yoga flows, as her inclination is to maintain and enjoy the peaceful and quiet aspects yoga has to offer. Whether she is teaching privately or publicly, to adults or to children, her desire is to flourish in this environment while helping those around her to flourish. After all, she is just a flower in the mud.

Amanda Montoya

Amanda took her first yoga class for college PE credit and immediately fell in love. She started a regular practice in 2010 and in 2014 completed a 200-HR teaching training program at Practice Yoga in Austin, Texas. Her only goal was to deepen her own personal practice but she soon found herself sharing her passion for yoga with others as a teacher.

Yin yoga is a great influence on Amanda's style and helped her through a journey with Thyroid Cancer. She loves begin able to share this quiet, meditative style with students who can find it useful in dealing with their own lives. 

Amanda's goal in all classes she leads is to combine fun and challenging sequences with moving meditation to create physical and mental flexibility and strength.

Erica Pealer

At her first job ever, an ice cream stand in her hometown of Lake Placid, New York, Erica found lasting joy in the direct connection between working and making people happy (how can you be sad when someone is handing you ice cream covered in sprinkles?). Since then she has worked as an editor, a paralegal and a grant writer for several nonprofits, but she feels most at home here on the mat. A 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher and an Army spouse, Erica’s yoga practice has spanned more than a decade across seven states. Growing up in the heart of the Adirondack Park taught Erica to love the beauty of nature while dance, music and theater taught her the joy of physical expression. Her rigorous schooling has taught her the rewards of contemplative academic study; she holds a BA in English from Smith College and is currently completing her MBA. Yoga weaves all of these elements together for her, creating an everlasting, enriching personal practice both on and off the mat! Erica believes that every individual has something unique to offer and finds just as much joy in learning from her students as she does in teaching them.
An energetic, movement based practice that builds strength and flexibility. In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means ‘movement linked by breath.’ This class offers an array of sequences and poses to include inversions, arm balances, standing balance poses, backbends, and stretching. There are modifications and variations for every level of student!

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