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New to yoga?


We are so glad you found us!


Rest assured we all began as beginners at one point and it is okay to feel a little nervous and a little unsure as you begin your yoga practice! Notice, we called it a practice? That is exactly what yoga is, a practice and no one is perfect at it! 

We are are a studio built on beginners and each and every member of our team is skilled in working with those new to yoga and providing appropriate modifications and recommendations along the way. All of our teachers are certified through The Yoga Alliance, with a minimum of a 200 hour course of study through their respective yoga programs, and hold your safety as a top priority. 

You may notice we don't have any classes labeled "beginner" and that is because there are so many different levels of beginners. We all have varying levels of strength and flexibility when we begin, we have had students begin in gentle classes while others begin in power classes. It truly is about finding the right fit for your mind and body and that looks a little different for everyone, from brand new beginners to advanced practicing yogis. 

Check out some frequently asked questions here and don't forget to ask about our new student special! $39 for an unlimited month of yoga!