This class will tone and lengthen your muscles from head to toe, with special emphasis on abdominals, glutes, and legs. This class incorporates a ballet barre for extra lower body strengthening as well as a variety of props such as balls and bands for an added challenge. Come prepared to dance and sweat!
For beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Ever wonder if you are aligning a certain pose properly? Slow down your practice, ask questions, and breathe deeply. This class will take you through basic flows with plenty of instructions.

Add some movement to your lunch break with this flow based, all-levels class. It's the perfect way to take a moment away from your daily activities and reconnect your body and mind. This class will incorporate calming breath work and physical movement to give you energy to make it through the rest of the day. 45 minutes.

Our same lunchtime EXPRESS class- with babies!
Babies and toddlers are welcome to join their parents and caretakers for this one-hour, all-levels flow/hatha class. 
All yogis can come join the FUN!
A class with a strong practice of INVERSIONS. Learn how to go upside down and grow strong with an emphasis on core work. The class regularly includes powerful poses such as arm balances and inversions. Open to all levels, some yoga experience is helpful for this class. 
All Levels Vinyasa Flow Class. This practices includes challenging poses at a slowed down to build strength and flexibility. The use of creative vinyasa sequencing and longer held cooling poses give this class a zen,peaceful feeling. Perfect for those newer to yoga or those wanting to work on their yoga practice in a fun and casual setting. 
This all levels class combines the principles of our gentle yoga and vinyasa flow classes in one! This class invites you to take time for yourself and escape from stress. Through flowing movement and soothing breaths you are encouraged to renew your own energy. This class is focused on aligning the mind and body in an effort to create a better, more balanced, version of ourselves.
Gentle yoga simply invites you to be well. It targets all levels and beckons you to be good to your mind and your body as we stretch tight muscles and loosen stiff joints while quieting our minds from the noisy world around us. This class is ideal for anyone wanting to work on stress-release, flexibility and balance at a gradual and comfortable pace.
Get your sweat on with a strong vinyasa flow class heated to 90 degrees! This class is designed to move, flow, and burn calories. Please be sure to hydrate in advance and don't forget your water the day of class! Bring a towel because things will get sweaty!
This Flow & Zen class is designed to invoke change in your life. Out of all the zodiac signs, Leo’s are the ones who get the job done. August 1 is also the first harvest date for corn and wheat. On this day we will back upon the first half of this year, and upon the seeds we planted.
Ask yourself: Did I plant them with mindful intention, or did I drop them carelessly as I walked?
Either way you’ve sown something, and now as the first harvest begins, it is time to reap what you’ve sown. But it’s never too late to turn this year into your favor. As the great wheel continues to turn, you still to make a change in your future. This is going to be a donation-based class.
Donation of $5 of more is appreciated.
If you love vinyasa flow and are looking to turn up the intensity and strength then power vinyasa is right for you! An energetic, movement based practice that will get your heart rate up. This class offers inversions, arm balances, standing balances, hip openers, and backbends at every level from beginner to advanced.

Restorative yoga is an incredibly healing and relaxing practice that's suitable for folks with injuries, pregnant women, and beginners. It is ideal for relieving high stress, and is therapeutic for minor injuries and illness. With the use of blankets, bolsters and other props you will support and open all areas of your body, allowing for the relief of tension and stress. Everyone will receive adjustments and assistance from the teacher to ensure that you're getting the most benefit from each pose.

* Our restorative yoga instructors incorporate essential oils and guided meditations to enhance this practice (varies by instructor)

An early morning invigorating vinyasa-style yoga. This class is designed to build strength, improve flexibility, and magnify your body's energy to start your day off right!

An energetic, movement based practice that builds strength and flexibility. In Sanskrit, Vinyasa means ‘movement linked by breath.’ This class offers an array of sequences and poses to include inversions, arm balances, standing balance poses, backbends, and stretching. There are modifications and variations for every level of student!
A blend of gentle, flowing opening poses followed by a sequence of passive and cooling Yin poses. Yin yoga  focuses on gaining access to the deep connective tissues (fascia) and joints. It is a quiet, mediative practice that is calming and restorative. This practice is a a great complement to a regular, more active (Yang) practice.
A free yoga class designed specifically for service members and veterans. The students will learn skills proven to help connect to the present-leaving anxiety behind while learning to feel safe and in control. By lowering hyper-vigilance and reactions to noise and stress, veterans can learn to sleep better and have more control over their emotions. Open to veterans, active duty service members, and their families.