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We are a group of people from all over the globe who have been lucky enough to have our paths cross here in our community. We each have a unique story of how yoga changed our lives and we look forward to sharing our practice, our craft, and our stories with you. There is a style and an instructor for everyone, and we are committed to helping you find the right fit in our studio. We are dedicated to helping you create your own yoga story.



Heidi Duster has been immersed in the study, practice and teachings of yoga since 2008. She discovered that the practice of yoga extends far beyond the confined area of the mat.
She values working with people to approach life with kindness and compassion. Through emphasis on the smooth, steady breath she guides her students on the path of self-reflection and acceptance.
Heidi has completed the 500 hours Yoga Therapist Training through YogaYoga in Austin, Texas. Besides her weekly group classes she now emphasizes on individual work to optimize form and function for people with injuries or medical conditions. Join her and experience the positive impact of a meditative practice. Heidi hopes you step off the mat with profound openness and clarity to carry into your daily life.
Tawni is certified in Integral Hatha Yoga, which she started to practice at 16 with her teacher Sevika Linda Ward, at the Killeen Community Center. At age 23, Tawni decided after being on several antidepressants, to practice as much as she could in order to help to give herself a natural depression lift. After a year of dedicated practice, she was able to get off of all medication. She then became certified in Integral Hatha Yoga in order to share the knowledge of this healing practice.
Tawni's work on Fort Hood, with soldiers being treated for PTSD, led her to a more therapeutic approach to Yoga and inspired her to begin Viniyoga teacher training. This training taught Tawni the tools she needed to work with people who have injuries and mental pain, as well as helping her to deepen her own practice. She graduated in April of 2014 with her 500 hour certification in Viniyoga. Tawni's style incorporates postures, pranayama, sound and meditation to help the student achieve the effects they are seeking, whether it is pain or stress relief, building energy or strength, or bringing the body down into calm relaxation. 
Betty is a wife, mother and grandmother with a full time job. She is an animal lover and has given a home to numerous wayward furry souls. Betty thought life was complete with her devotion to her family, grandchildren and grand-puppies until she was introduced to Yoga and all the benefits it entailed. She learned that Yoga was so much more than just another form of exercise for it encompasses our physical, spiritual and emotional being. This awareness brought about a self- searching quest to find her inner peace and a desire to share her passion with others which soon led her to obtaining her 200 hr Yoga Instructor’s Certification with Yama Yoga in Canton, Texas. Betty has found that even in this stressful world, a calming peacefulness can be obtained through Yoga and meditation and she stands ready to share this beautiful practice with you.
Erin, an Army wife and soccer mom, has been practicing yoga for 16 years while teaching for 12. She accidentally stumbled upon her first yoga class in college and instantly fell in love with the practice, as it strengthens mind, body, and spirit, bringing more focus and awareness to the senses, thereby increasing the ability to appreciate the beauty of life.
She practices and teaches a dynamic mix of classes from gentle and restorative styles to vinyasa and hot yoga. Erin believes everyone of all ages and fitness levels can benefit from the practice. She has taught athletes, soldiers, prenatal/postnatal moms, children, senior citizens, rehabilitation patients, you name it! Erin is certified through Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200 and RPYT-200 through Yoga Yoga Austin. She will complete her final courses for RYT/RPYT-500 in December 2017.
Exploring more opportunities to love herself and others, Timbrel found yoga. Her certifications include a 225 hour Hatha and a 200 hour Hatha and Flow; she's also taken workshops with world-renowned yoga instructor and author Kino MacGregor. She's drawn to Ashtanga (Hatha & Ashtanga are practically married, or besties in the least), Vinyasa, Power, and enjoys the quieter elements asana yoga has to offer (Restorative and Gentle). Her classes include a balanced mixture of strength and flexibility while reaching into the more thoughtful side of yoga - breath awareness, focus, intention. Timbrel encourages students to translate yoga off the mat and into their daily lives through the other branches yoga has to offer - asana being the third branch - as asana practice equilibrated by the other limbs is transformational to every student.
Tanner joined the Liv Team as a student turned Karma Yogi relatively quickly; his dedication and tenacity for yoga set him apart. Recognizing his teeming potential, the instructors of Liv encouraged him to take on a role as a teacher himself. Under mentorship, he began teaching and training. As an RYT 200 with a Vinyasa Flow certification and hundreds of hours of teaching under his belt, he inspires his students.
Influencing teachers of his practice include Ido Portal, Kristen and Eduardo of Yoga Yoga Austin.
Sahala began practicing yoga 14 years ago. Like many she came to yoga for the physical benefits, seeking relief from tight hamstrings and sore knees from years of long distance running, but quickly fell in love with the whole-body experience. Yoga strengthened Sahala both physically and emotionally, by helping bring awareness to how emotional stress and discomfort manifested physically in her body. After 10 years of practicing yoga, she decided to become an instructor to deepen her own practice and share the gift of yoga with others. In 2013, she completed her 200 hour Vinyasa/Hatha Flow Certification in Austin at Yoga Yoga and began teaching. Sahala believes in creating classes that are both challenging and soothing for all levels. She encourages students to find that balance between pushing new boundaries and nurturing themselves. Inversions and arm balances are her favorites so don't be surprised to find them incorporated in most of her classes. She has been fortunate to be able to teach everywhere from Belton, TX to Ibiza, Spain and London, UK.
Jean began practicing yoga in 2006 while attending veterinary school. She continued practicing on her own while the Army moved her to various places. In 2015 she relocated to Killeen and was blessed to find Live and Let Liv Yoga. She quickly fell in love with the studio and the community. As she always wanted to become a yoga teacher, the universe lined things up for her and provided the training she desired. She completed her 200 hours in vinyasa with Yoga Yoga (through Liv) and is currently participating in a 108-hour mentorship called "The Art of Holding Space" so that she might better provide the experience that her students desire and need. She particularly enjoys the meditative aspects of the practice and, through yoga, she has learned to let go of what she can't control and what no longer serves her. She strives to give her students the gift of the present moment.
Kristen started practicing yoga in 2007 while seeking relief from chronic pain and anxiety due to a lifelong illness. She quickly fell in love with the art of yoga and its therapeutic benefits, continuing practice throughout her last pregnancy. Incorporating yoga breathing techniques and asanas throughout her pregnancy and labor proved beneficial; thus, she naturally passed these techniques to other women seeking alternate methods for relief during their own experiences of childbirth.  Dedicating her studies to yoga for anxiety, chronic pain relief, and pelvic floor recovery at a gentle pace for all body types and skill levels, she became an RYT 200 through Yoga Yoga in Austin, TX.
Kristen is passionate about passing her knowledge of yoga on to others who might also want a more natural prescription. She strives to create a climate in which her students can find a safe space to experience stillness and restoration in mind, body, and spirit.
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